Konza Project - The Vision

The Kenya Vision 2030 is a national long-term development blue-print whose aim is to transform Kenya into a newly industrializing middle-income country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens in a clean and secure environment. The Vision is comprises of three key Pillars: Economic, Social and Political, whilst also recognizing the value and importance from the contribution of science, technology and innovation (ST&I) in a modern economy, in which new knowledge plays a central role in wealth creation, social welfare and international competitiveness.

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Key Clusters

ICT & Communication Technology

Konza Technopolis will be an ICT ecosystem with specialized locations that bring together stakeholders within the technology industry to ensure efficient collaboration and an increased presence of technology exports from Kenya and the private sector.

Life Sciences

The Life Sciences band in the Techopolis Masterplan is designed to provide an enabling environment for scientific breakthroughs related to bioscience and new ways of working with health providers and industry.


Konza Technopolis will provide a platform to attract local and foreign technology companies with skilled and able labor. The Technopolis will retain these companies as the effects of their investments reverberate throughout the country and beyond.

Our Values


Through innovation and guided by clarity and consistency, we deliver simple, elegant and quality solutions to our customers and stakeholders.


We optimize results by working smarter together. We multiply our contribution through partnerships and deliver with speed, trust and respect.

Passion for excellence

We are passionate on delivering a better Konza to live, work and play through innovative and creative solutions inspired by outstanding services in time.


We are a qualified, skilled and committed team striving to always deliver exceptional services to our customers, driven by independence, objectivity, best practices, always acting with integrity and keeping our promises while treating others with respect


We are a vibrant and dynamic team that identifies and responds to emerging issues in an ever-changing globally competitive environment, hence giving our customers a competitive edge.