The implementation of Konza National Data Center has been completed and operationalized to offer high end cloud services to private and government institutions. The State-of-the-art Tier III Data Center was designed and implemented in compliance with international standards and best practices such as TIA 942:2017 Accreditation, LEED Gold (USGBC) and Uptime Institute Tier III Certified. The implementation of ISO 27001: Information Security Management & ITIL

are underway. On 12th January 2021, the Authority invited the first batch of interested qualified local and international software vendors/solutions providers to provide bundled software solutions to complement Konza’s National Data Centre services. The evaluation process of these vendor submissions was concluded and those who met the threshold are undertaking negotiations with the Authority. To continue in driving cloud adoption, the Authority now invite interested qualified investors/vendors/solution providers (local and international) to provide the services/solutions below:

Cloud Virtual Services

The Konza Cloud has been positioned as a digital transformation platform to offer innovative solution such as virtual servers, DR as a Service (DRaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS), storage as a Service, Web Hosting, Email Hosting, ERP Hosting, Data Storage among others.

The Authority is looking for vendors who will complement this offering through value add to enhance uptake of the cloud services such as:

  • Cloud virtual machines
  • Backup as a Service (BaaS)
  • Cloud Bare metal servers
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions

PaaS supports the creation of web applications quickly and easily without going through the complexity of buying and maintaining the software and infrastructure beneath it.

PaaS will enable clients develop, test, deploy, host and maintain applications in the same integrated development environment.

The Authority is looking for potential vendors with existing and/or major platform providers or young upcoming new platform providers to offer PaaS services such as:

  • Video Conferencing Solutions
  • E-commerce Marketplace
  • Social Network Platforms
  • Intelligent CCTV Monitoring Video Analytics
  • platforms
  • Intelligent CCTV backup and hosting
  • Kenya’s Digital Marketplace
Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions

The Konza Data Center is looking at providing Software as a Service (SaaS) that provides software to its users over the Internet. The service can be provided to the customers using any of the following licensing method:

  • Service on demand
  • Through a subscription
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Or even at no charge

The Authority is looking for potential vendors with existing and/or major software providers or young upcoming new software providers to offer SaaS services such as:

  • Smart ticketing solutions
  • Video on Demand Services/Media streaming
  • Mobile apps
  • Smart city applications
Data centre Colocation

The data centre is Uptime certified tier III data center having met all the attributes required by uptime. Colocation is one of the services on offer at the data center

The Authority is looking for vendors who will complement this offering through value add to enhance uptake.

Secondary Data Center

The Authority is looking for partners willing to invest in a secondary data center at a location to be provided by the partner or by KoTDA. This is intended to attract global investment in data centers and related facilities in addition to addressing increased uptake of cloud services by private and government entities. Also, this will enhance business continuity and high availability of services.

Resellers of Cloud solutions

The Authority is willing to partner with competent resellers to commercialize the wide array of cloud solutions provided by KoTDA and its partners such as:

  • PaaS
  • IaaS
  • SaaS
  • Security solutions
  • Colocation
Managed consulting services

The Authority is looking for partners to offer technical consultancy services to be consumed by Konza Technopolis and/or data center clients/stakeholders such as:

  • Migration support
  • Customer onboarding
  • After sales support
  • Colocation
  • IT Strategy and Governance
  • Architecture and Technology
  • IT Process & Service Management
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Performance Engineering Solutions
  • Information Risk Management
  • Smart city implementation & operationalization
IoT and Smart City facilities/services

Konza will be a ‘smart city’ with highly advanced overall infrastructure, sustainable developments, communication networks and market viability. As a smart city, Konza will draw and learn from data supplied by connected devices and sensors embedded throughout the city to optimize wastewater, irrigation, public transit, traffic flow, etc., while delivering real-time insight to the people there, for example, suggesting the fastest route to a destination.

Specifically, a smart city framework will integrate the following six key city services using Internet of Things (IoT): Smart energy and lighting (Ambient light levels, smart grids applications); Smart Utility ( smart water and waste management, intelligent sewer system, rubbish bins real-time monitoring, pressure management system for water); Smart Education and Healthcare ( medicine monitoring, tracking systems for elderly people, virtual exhibitions and lectures Smart Building ( room automation systems, Air quality monitoring, managing municipal facilities); General Municipal and business services (smart Konza card, on-line problem solving tools, pedestrian traffic mapping, konza huduma services, Emergency services/response, Mapping/way finding, electronic signs, city information, smart parking); Public safety and security (CCTV/video surveillance, traffic lights and a traffic control system.)

The Authority is looking for vendors with innovative IoT solutions for Konza Smart City facilities/services. The Authority is keen to pilot and/or implement such solution within the Technopolis.

IoT Solutions

The Authority is in the process of implement and IoT
Architecture for Konza by establishment of IoT Lab.

To this end, KOTDA is looking for partners with innovative IoT Application/solutions that cut across various sectors of Kenya’s economy i.e. smart cities, education, health, agriculture, tourism, wildlife etc

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) as a Service

Konza Data Center has developed solutions for VDI and has successfully conducted a pilot for some sites. The VDI platform that supports the service has been set-up in the data center.

The Authority is looking for vendors who will complement this offering through value add to enhance uptake.

Cutting edge Security solutions

With a lot of sensitive data generated from IoT cameras/sensors and hosted within our Data Center, robust security is of paramount importance for the Technopolis.

The Authority is looking for vendors with Cutting edge security solutions to address wide array of security needs such as cloud security, network security, applications security, email security among others.

Innovation, R&D

Konza aims to make Kenya a regional technology hub and an innovation ecosystem, contributing to Kenyaʼs knowledge-based economy. The expected growth will attract 17,000 jobs and generate e $1.3 billion in gross regional product during the project’s first infrastructure-focused phase, which is targeted for completion in 2022.
– To this end, Konza is looking for local startups/SMEs/companies with technical capacity to design and develop new applications/solutions/innovations in line with customer requirements.
– The aim of Innovation and R&D partnerships will be to develop innovative products and services that will be consumed by Konza Technopolis or other clients/stakeholders.


The Authority is looking for vendors with existing and/or major software providers or young upcoming new software providers with solutions for Office Applications, data bases, operating systems, ERPs, Electronic Document managements, CRM, finance management, HR & Performance Management, project management, procurement/supply chain management, eBoard etc to complement data center offering.


  1. Those who expressed interest in the first process and are already in negotiations with the Authority do not need to participate.
  2. The uptake of such solutions/services will be based on demand and business models agreed with the Authority.
  3. Interested investors/vendors/solution providers may obtain proposal document and/or criteria from the Konza Website
  4. All proposals on the data center (categories named above) should be submitted via – Software vendors/solution providers portal. You can call Konza Cloud – 0700 515151 for any clarification.
  5. All proposals shall be processed as received and this invitation shall be valid for a period of three (3) years or until the invite is updated.