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Konza Technopolis

Transportation & Logistics

  • Konza Technopolis is implementing an exceptionally high-quality infrastructure system to integrate the transportation system with land use.
  • The physical development plan aim is to develop public transport (i.e., busway) corridors and to create high density activation along those corridors.

Opportunities for enhanced public services include Parking Structures/Commercial/Petrol Complex, Fueling Station, Warehouse, Hybrid Buses, Bus Rapid Transit, Regional Transit Buses/Trains, Maintenance Storage Facility, Internal transit system, Mixed-use Parking, Transit Hub, and regional airport.


  • The Authority is on course to deliver sustainable energy solutions to power the city’s commercial and residential usage.

400/132/66kV Substation is located inside the Technopolis, including two lines supplying the Technopolis with power at commercial standards for reliability of energy supply.

Education Sector

An area of approximately 420,000 m²/343,458 has been set aside for the education and R&D sector to support a diffusion of knowledge and facilitate life-long learning.

  • Opportunities within the education sector include:
  • Establishment of multiple university campuses and colleges
  • Development of facilities for shared use
  • Laboratories, Facilities, Classrooms and Administration Buildings
  • Faculty and Student Housing
  • Technical and Vocational Institutes
  • Schools at all levels; Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, and Tertiary Schools

Research and Development facilities

Commercial Office/Technology Development

The business district is planned to host some of the tallest buildings in the Technopolis.

Housed in these edifices will be the operations of local as well as international banks, local blue-chip companies, the regional headquarters of multinational corporations, global agencies

Light Industrial Zone

  • The light industrial zone in Konza Technopolis will host warehouses, hi-tech manufacturing assembly enterprises, incubators, workshops, and prototyping facilities.
  • Investment opportunities exist for companies seeking to setup industrial parks

Real Estate

Opportunities in the real estate includes opportunities for the following categories of housing.

  • Medium density employee housing
  • Medium density residential complex complete with primary neighborhood centers
  • Worker’s housing across a wide income spectrum translating to 5,000 housing units
  • Ancillary services such as schools, retail accommodations and entertainment venues.


The pursuit of economic opportunities presented by the Technopolis gives rise to a vibrant retail ecosystem which presents exciting opportunities for players in this space. These include:

  • Food and beverage, homeware and gifts, electronics, convenience stores, mobile and internet retailers, pharmacies, grocery stores, laundry shops and other retail services.

Hotel Convention Centers

  • 75,200m2 has been set aside for the development of hotels and convention centers to cater for the hospitality, Meetings and Conferences.

Entertainment and Recreational Facilities

Entertainment and Recreational Facilities will improve the quality of life and enhance the overall experience of urban and neighborhood life.

Opportunities include eSports, smart sports complex, events complex, theme parks, amusement centers to provide an enhanced fan and community experience.


Africa has 60% of the world’s arable land. With the projected growth in the world’s population, the demand for food is set to increase between 60% to 90% by 2050.

  • Konza offers opportunities for Urban agriculture, Agricultural research, Centers of excellence, Food Technology, Agro-processing and Value addition, manufacture of agricultural equipment and devices, and agricultural technology that can be deployed to the rest of the world.