Konza Technopolis is the culmination of a 2009 dream to make Kenya a global center for science, technology and innovation.

As the development of Konza Technopolis is on the way, there are unique opportunities within the ecosystem presented to investors from diverse backgrounds in a multitude of sectors including:

Property Development (Residential/Commercial) / Universities, TVET Institutions and schools / Hospitals (inc. University hospitals) / Research & Development Facilities / Enterprise Incubation / ICT (including Tier 3 and 4 Data Centers) / Light manufacturing and industry / Retail establishment / Hotels & Convention Centers / Entertainment (e.g. Stadiums, cinemas, etc.) / Utilities (Energy, Water) / Infrastructure and Logistics.


Development of the Phase 1 infrastructure is underway. This phase will occupy approximately 400 acres with over 100 individual development parcels representing all aspects of a fully functioning Technopolis, including:

Commercial parcels

These parcels will provide the space for setting up retails, primary and secondary neighborhood centers as well as civic parks.

Technology parcels

KoDTA aims to attract Research, Education and Commercial partners in ITES, Life Sciences and Engineering. An innovation atmosphere will be developed within Konza Technopolis. Innovation and entrepreneurism leads to an increase in patenting and an increase in the quality and quantity of relevant skilled workers available to work in these critical industries. Konza will attract investors and build programs aimed at commercializing the products of research. Konza Technopolis will provide a strong innovation ecosystem to educate new and existing tech entrepreneurs.

These parcels have pre-determined uses such as Data Centers, as well as an opportunity for Technology companies to set up their offices / branches. 34 parcels are available for these technology-based enterprises.


This project entails the universities in Konza Technopolis which are envisioned as a special place where innovative groups develop and apply modern technology; as a place where higher education and industry come together, and a site of life-long learning. Universities have the ability to promote the confluence of superb teaching, research, scholarship, creative works and service.

The Government of Kenya received funding from the Export-Import Bank of Korea from the resources of the Economic Development Cooperation Fund toward the Establishment of Kenya Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Project. Modeled after the Korean Advanced Institute of Science & Technology; Technology, KAIST will be an institution of National strategic importance and will be expected to provide intellectual guidance to all educational partners in Konza. It will also raise the standards of graduate education in Kenya. Science and Technology (S&T)


The Master Plan of Konza Technopolis has seen the development begin on Phase 1 (est. completion 2022) which is expected to attract 30,000 residents upon completion. Overall, Phase 1 will include workers across a wide income spectrum. This will translate to 5,000 housing units. The proposed housing projects will cater for the high-end market and the Bottom of the Pyramid populations through provision of Affordable Housing Units. Around 40 parcels are available for this housing.

Residential Housing

Overall, Phase 1 will include workers across a wide income spectrum. These workers and their families will require housing in Konza Technopolis, creating a community of 30,000 residents.

These families will need 12,960 residential units that can be affordably rented/purchased.

Of these, the majority will be targeted towards professional middle-income families with a substantial share developed for both high and low-income families. Families living in Konza Technopolis will demand several ancillary services such as schools, retail accommodations and entertainment venues. Investment opportunities in the residential real estate sector include townhouses and apartments within predominantly residential neighborhoods, and apartments above retail within a predominantly mixed-use district.



Konza Technopolis’ commercial, life science and university catalytic programs target the attraction of 7,500 knowledge workers and 6,500 students by the end of Phase One, requiring 725,000 m² of prime commercial and educational space.

The business district contains some of the tallest buildings in the Technopolis. These special tall buildings, located closest to the A109 Mombasa Highway, serve as iconic structures that announce the arrival to Konza Technopolis from the highway gateway.



Universities promote the confluence of superb teaching, research, scholarship, creative works and service.

The universities in Konza Technopolis are envisioned as a special place where innovative groups develop and apply new technology; as a place where higher education and industry come together, and a site of life-long learning. The goals and vision of Konza Technopolis will be realized by establishing multiple university campuses within the University Band.

Investment opportunities in the University Band include the construction of laboratory facilities, classrooms, administration buildings, faculty and student housing facilities.

The ultimate build-out of the Phase 1 University Band will provide a minimum floor area of 420,000 m² (including the Mixed-Use Main Street Zone and the university-related uses within the Stadium parcel). The Phase 1 band will accommodate a minimum of 6500 students, 520 staff and 260 faculty. It is anticipated that approximately 75% of the students, faculty and staff will live on campus.

Additionally, workers will require schools, and related administrative and community support facilities in Phase 1 of the Konza Technopolis.

APPROX. AREA 343,458 m²


Healthcare at Konza Technopolis will support the Technopolis- wide mission to be a sustainable, world-class technology hub and a major economic driver for the nation, with a vibrant mix of businesses, workers, residents and urban amenities.

The healthcare facility envisioned for Konza Technopolis Phase 1 is a secondary and tertiary referral facility that will serve the East Africa region with specialty services, as well as satisfying the needs of the resident population. It will include a full service acute care facility with accident and emergency, an outpatient specialty services facility with high-tech diagnostics and a hotel with health spa to accommodate a medical tourism.

This facility will also provide an incubation institution for potential future growth into a health sciences center, which may include other treatment specialization, biomedical research and medical science education for the region. Konza Technopolis will have a strong foundation in science, information and communications technology to support a telehealth program that would increase access to specialty expertise and expand the reach of healthcare in the region.

APPROX. AREA: 59,500 m²

Light industrial Zone

The light industrial zone in Konza Technopolis’ Phase 1 will host warehouses, hi-tech manufacturing assembly enterprises, incubators, workshops, and prototyping facilities focusing around thematic areas that meet Konza Tehcnopolis’s sustainability framework and technology enhancement objectives.

APPROX. AREA: 10,300 m²


Neighborhood and mixed-use retail such as café, coffee shops, pharmacies, small groceries, flower, and laundry shops are encouraged to provide for the everyday convenience needs of residents and opportunities for social encounters.

APPROX. AREA: 172,200 m²

Hotels & Convention Centers

The hotel will provide accommodations meals and other services for travelers and tourists in mixed-use districts. Hotel Typologies constitute: Full Services Hotel (High density/Larger/more rooms than extended stay); Extended stay Hotel (Lower density/smaller/less rooms than full service).

APPROX. AREA: 75,200 m²

Transportation & Logistics

In Konza Technopolis, a completely new build area, the opportunity exists to implement an exceptionally high- quality infrastructure system and to integrate the busway system with land use. The basic framework of the physical development plan is to develop public transport (i.e. busway) corridors and to create high density uses (residential, retail, business or social development) along those corridors.

A comprehensive traffic management programme covering junction controls, signals, channelization, road marking etc. are integral to Konza Tehcnopolis’s smart transportation. Opportunities include:
Parking Structures/Commercial/Petrol Complex, Fueling Station, Warehouse, Hybrid Buses, Bus Rapid Transit, Regional Transit Buses/Trains, Maintenance Storage Facility, Internal transit system, Mixed-use Parking, Transit Hub and Regional airport

The opportunities can be undertaken through various profitable investment mechanisms including PPP frameworks, design-build-transfer, design-build-operate-transfer, etc.


Renewable energy opportunities include the installation of a solar power plant on 20 to 30 Hectares to be implemented as a single project with a capacity of 10MW. Commercial solar installations on individual buildings across the Technopolis provide additional investment opportunities.

The opportunity is suitable for a range of delivery options including Design Build-Operate with financing or PPP.

APPROX. AREA: 121,406 m²


The smart sports and events complex shall come equipped with smart seating, parking, ticketing, connectivity, retail facilities, classrooms, automated building systems, venue controls, water conservation, and energy efficiency to provide an enhanced fan and community experience.

The opportunity is suitable for a range of delivery options including Design Build-Operate with financing or PPP.

APPROX. AREA: 73,800 m²