The implementation of Horizontal Infrastructure at Konza Technopolis through the EPC-F funding model is in progress. The project officially commenced in August 2018 and runs for a period of three and a half years (42 months). The scope of the EPC-F contractor in respect to this project entails the construction of Phase 1:

a. Streetscape and Sub-Surface Utilities

New roadway construction in Konza Technopolis will include a hierarchy of streets: arterial and collector roadways, local level roads, and several “green streets”. The planned roadway layouts and cross-sections includes the following:

  • Roadways,
  • Parking areas,
  • Bicycle paths,
  • Dedicated bus lanes,
  • Pedestrian sidewalks,
  • Street lighting,
  • Traffic signalization and signage, and
  • Landscaping

Streetscape and Sub-Surface Utilities Distribution will cover various items of work as elaborated in the sub-topics here below:

  • Site Grading and Street Pavements

This scope of work entails attaining desirable design grades and slopes to provide safe, comfortable slopes and promote positive drainage through the city.

  • Storm Water Drainage

Konza’s development density and the imperviousness of the proposed infrastructure (paved roads, hardscapes and buildings) will lead to generation of significant storm water runoff. Storm sewers will thus be required to handle storm water runoff. The storm sewer system includes a series of drainage inlets, manholes and piping.

  • Water Supply Distribution

Konza water distribution system layout includes trunk mains, secondary mains, distribution lines and service pipes. Service will be provided to the entire area within each phase. The water distribution system will consist of various types and diameters of water pipes for different pressure zones and appurtenant structures including fire hydrants and isolation valves. Distribution pumping stations and storage tanks also form part of this system though these are covered in this report under a different sub-topic.

  • Wastewater Collection and Reticulation System

The wastewater collection system will consist of various diameter and type sewer pipe, appurtenant structures including manholes and junction chambers and gravity main pipe. Various pipe materials provide a cost effective, long life system.

Konza’s sewer collection system layout includes trunk sewers, interceptor sewers, services and gravity mains. Sizing of mains will be done to capture Phase 1 as well as future phases where sizing is critical through Phase 1.

  1. Electrical and ICT Network

The conduits will be constructed simultaneously with the rest of the street pavement and sub-surface utilities infrastructure to curtail the retrogressive, costly and damaging effect of cutting already build pavements to lay service ducts for the same.

b. Wastewater Reclamation Facility

The Wastewater Reclamation facility consists of a 9 Ml/day advanced treatment system that incorporate the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBR) facility for Phase 1. It will treat water to a drinking water standard and be used in the grey water system for toilet flushing and irrigation as well as partial mixing of raw water supply to the water supply for Konza. It will be built in such a manner that it can be up-scaled to cope with sewage inflows resulting from full build-out of all phases of Konza.

c. Water Treatment, Pumping and Storage

Treatment for drinkable water treatment is expected to employ reverse osmosis in the early phases of Konza and particularly for existing borehole water reserves. Booster pumps will pressurize water for the upper zone.

Stored water will be located at the highest locations and at elevations to facilitate zone pressures. Pressure would be maintained by elevated storage, with the tank elevation set to provide specified pressures within the zone. A Pump station will be used for the Upper pressure zone that exists for a small part of the Phase 1 site mostly near the entrance off Mombasa Road.

d. Electrical Power Supply

The electrical power supply system will comprise of power sub-stations to be constructed internally with initial power supply originating from the Konza KETRACO 132/33 KV substation. The other main consumables expected under this item are transformers, cables and associated items for electrical distribution.

e. Public Parks

Park facilities will be constructed throughout the Phase 1 part of the site. Parks will include school play fields, football fields and landscaped areas. These include

  • City Perimeter Landscape
  • Nature Park – furnished with benches, drinking fountains, bike racks, restrooms, trash receptacles, trailhead and way finding and shade canopies etc.
  • Civic Park – landscape features included sculptures/monuments, outdoor stage and grand shade pavilion, shade pavilion, water fountains, benches, bike rack, lighting etc.
  • Urban plazas and squares
  • Green transit corridor
  • Pocket parks and playgrounds at neighbourhood centres
  • Field artificial turf and landscaping

f. Public Facilities

Public facility buildings that will be constructed as part of Konza Phase 1 Horizontal Infrastructure are:

  • Police and fire station
  • Entrance and security feature
  • Solid waste management facility, and
  • Transit facility.


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    • Brenda Kaaria


      Thank you for your interest in Konza Technopolis. We shall review and revert on the request.



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