As a smart city, Konza will draw and learn from data supplied by connected devices and sensors embedded throughout the city to optimize wastewater, irrigation, public transit, traffic flow, etc., while delivering real-time insight to the people there, for example, suggesting the fastest route to a destination.

By leveraging the smart city framework, Konza will be able to optimize its city services, creating a sustainable city that responds directly to the needs of its residents, workers, and visitors. The implementation of a smart city framework at Konza began with planning for ICT infrastructure, completion of the Konza National Data Center, and developing designs for smart city facilities. The Technopolis will serve as an area for innovation and a platform for leveraging emerging technologies through the leveraging of the Konza National Data Center as an infrastructure that can support emerging technologies such as AI, Cloud Computing, Big Data, etc.

To this end, the Authority and Techmindset Africa are pleased to invite you to a webinar on Tuesday,16th May 2023 from 9:00 AM- 11:00 AM themed “The Future Of Work In An AI-Enabled World” which shall bring together key players in the Tech space to discuss Artificial intelligence and the way it has impacted our work and how we can harness knowledge to spur creative and economic growth.

Techmindset Africa is a leading provider of world-class AI education which is relevant to Africa’s economic prosperity. The company’s passion is to equip individuals and organizations across the African continent with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage Artificial Intelligence for economic growth and social impact.

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