ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru on January,12,2016  announced that the government will fast-track plans to set up the Konza techno city.Addressing the press at the KOTDA offices, the CS said that having reviewed the requirements set out in KOTDA’s medium term objective, he is convinced that they are attainable.

He said the ICT Ministry shall engage other relevant government agencies to ensure that the required funds are available as well as any other support that the Authority may need to take the project to the next level.

“My ministry will support KOTDA to actualize key projects that are currently scheduled, particularly the Authority’s current plans to attract key investors in the initial phase of the Techno city,” said Mucheru.

The CS and his two Principal Secretaries Victor Kyalo (in charge of ICT and Innovation) and Sammy Itemere (in charge of broadcasting) visited the Authority to check the progress of the project where he revealed his commitment to support the national development agenda through the use of Information Technology.

“The ICT ministry has played an important role in building of the country’s economy and job creation. The country is relying on the ICT sector and indeed Konza City will play a critical role in building a knowledge-based economy that will shift the current industrial development path towards innovation – where creation, adoption, adaptation and use of knowledge will drive economic growth,” said Mucheru.

The ICT Cabinet Secretary used the opportunity to outline his Ministry’s plans to improve the sector and support the Authority.

Konza City has begun the first round of taking up investors for the multi-billion shillings project, following the advertisement of the Expressions of Interest for investors to take up space at Konza Techno city.

Konza aims to attract Research, Education and Commercial partners in Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), Life Sciences and Engineering fields. Experts are of the opinion that increased innovation will drive the growth in patenting as well as production of relevant skilled workforce needed for Country’s industrialization. Konza City seeks to attract investors and build programs aimed at commercializing the products of research.

Phase 1A of Konza City will see 60 acres of land curved out of the larger 5,000 acres set aside for the development of Konza city. The 60 acres will be leased out to investors for the development of low and higher density buildings that accommodate both commercial and residential premises.

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